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3 Tips to Reduce Your Pet’s Stress This Holiday Season




Just like us, pets can experience increased stress for a variety of reasons. Visitors, long days alone, changes in furniture, cold weather,traveling and exposure to people treats are just a few of the most common stressors that our pets face during the holiday season. Here are three tips to reduce stress on your pets.

1) Don’t leave your pet alone for unusually long periods of time.

* Extended time alone can lead to destructive behavior, potty accidents and emotional insecurity in some pets. One alternative to making them wait for you is to hire a pet sitter or dog walker. This is an inexpensive way to give pets a potty break, some exercise, mental stimulation, lots of love and perhaps even a small meal.

2) Be prepared for household visitors.

* Its a good idea to have a plan and maybe a few supplies to support your pet during the added stress of “strange” people in their territory. Not all pets are social butterflies and many experience friends and family as a temporary stressor. Have a safe place for your furry friend planned and prepared in advance. Consider adding special “busy” treats or toys, bedding that smells like you, aromatherapy, calming pheromones, or sound machines.

3) Begin stress-relieving strategies early.

* Activate stress reduction tactics before your pet is excited or scared. By not allowing your pet’s body to escalate to overly stressful symptoms you can stay ahead of this viscous cycle and prevent an uncontrollable flood of stress hormones. If you have concerns about your families’ pets and their stress level, you might consider a consultation with Dr. Candy about a plan and possible herbal or homeopathic remedies as this holiday season kicks into high gear.

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