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The purpose of vaccines, also known as ‘shots’, is to protect our loved ones from disease. Many pets receive vaccine boosters every 1-3 years. Much research has gone into the duration of protection after a pet receives a vaccine. Some studies have come to the conclusion that a properly administered vaccine can protect our furry friends for 5, 7 or even 10 years. In addition, recent research and experience is showing a great number of health disorders may occur if the immune system is overstimulated. At Graceful Journeys Mobile Veterinary Services, we strive to keep your pets protected, but without pumping unnecessary toxins into them. A ‘titer’ is a blood test that measures your pet’s immunity against a specific disease. A simple blood test will tell us if your pet needs a vaccine booster or not. We are planning group titer clinics this spring and summer to give everyone access to discounted prices. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a titer test.

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We are always offering our mobile in-home services. Print and clip the coupon below for $10 off a vaccine titer blood test with an in-home physical exam and consultation.


Meet Dobby! Dobby is a 12-14 week old mix breed puppy who was abandoned at a dog park in Oklahoma. Dobby is a very affectionate puppy and loves to play with the other dogs in his foster home. Dobby is a little guy, only 7lbs right now, and will make a great addition to an active family. He is available for adoption through OneLife Rescue and Rehabilitation. If you would like more information about adopting Dobby please email them at