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Nutrition is more than just putting kibble in a bowl. Standard Process Veterinary Formulas help bridge the gap created by the processing of foods. Standard Process supplements are made from whole food ingredients your pet would instinctively eat. These ingredients deliver the full spectrum of nutrition in its natural form. When your veterinarian chooses a Standard Process Veterinary Formula, they are providing your pet with essential nutritional complexity.

Call Dr. Candy today to see which whole food supplement will fit your individual pets’ needs.

Probiotics are good bacteria that are added to your dogs’ meals that help balance and optimize their digestive process

Stetson and Spot are 4 month old heeler mixes (possibly with lab or shepard). These boys are going to be big active dogs and will make wonderful companions for any active family! They both love other dogs and LOVE to play. If you are interested in meeting either of these handsome pups please to go and fill out the online application or email