Best Pet Camera And 10 Must Have Gadgets For Your Dog 2019

Best Pet Camera And 10 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Dogs 2019

Best Pet Camera and More: 10 Must-Have Gadgets For Your Dog (2019)

Tech devices for pets are all the rage this year. Not only are they fun and trendy, but these gadgets can keep you and your pet healthier and happier. Be sure to check out my personal selection for the best pet camera this year! (BONUS: It also allows you to throw treats to your pup with a phone app.) I have collected the top 10 pet tech gadgets that pet lovers must-have this season.


1.  Petcube Bites Pet Camera and Treat Dispenser

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This is the best pet camera because of the long list of holistic health benefits.

Health Benefits for the camera and treat dispenser:

The effects of connecting with your pet while you are away from the house can improve separation anxiety and reduce general anxiety. This improvement of physiological stress status reduces fluctuations of stress hormones such as cortisol. By reducing cortisol, your pet’s body experiences a balanced metabolism, better blood sugar regulation, and a decrease of carbohydrate transformation to body fat. This results in less caloric weight gain, and improved circulation. Reduction of cortisol also keeps your pet’s immune system strong and streamlines tissue repair, which is beneficial for chronic infections, autoimmune diseases, and arthritis.

Small pets and young pets can sometimes have a difficult time regulating blood sugar, and if they go too long without eating their blood sugar can plummet causing disorientation, lethargy, and seizures. This health benefit is extremely useful for small dogs, like teacup breeds, Yorkies etc and young puppies under 12 months old.

This interactive device provides healthy mental stimulation and decreased boredom. The result is less destructive chewing and a decreased possibility of getting into trash or eating inappropriate items which can cause digestion troubles or foreign body obstructions. This is one of the biggest reasons why I selected the PetCube Bites as the best pet camera.

Research has proven that humans receive health benefits as a result of interacting with a pet. Leaders of Animal Planet say that we can gain benefits such as a reduction of allergies in children ( University of Wisconsin-Madison ), improvement in heart health ( CDC, NIH ), a healthy encouragement of exercise and a significant boost to our mood. In return, our pets can receive these same benefits by connecting with us. This can regulate blood pressure, blood sugar and happy chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin. It is known that these happy hormones reduce pain and discomfort.

2.  iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher


The iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher can provide a myriad of health benefits for your dog.  Not only does it encourage exercise, but it can also be emotionally uplifting and mentally stimulating for your favorite canine. This can be incredibly beneficial for many health conditions and diseases that your pup may be experiencing.

For the overweight dog, this interactive toy can aid in weight loss, improve muscle tone and decrease arthritis and risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Playing fetch can increase happy brain chemicals like serotonin and dopamine (for you and your pup!) and can help decrease separation anxiety as well as decrease pain by releasing endorphins.  This can also be beneficial in improving brain clarity in older dogs with signs of dementia.

Other added health benefits of the iFetch include better blood sugar regulation in diabetic dogs,  better stress hormone regulation in dogs suffering from Cushings Disease or Addison’s Syndrome and thyroid hormone stimulation in hypothyroid dogs.

The iFetch is an incredible interactive gift for your ball-addicted pup!  The iFetch, for smaller dogs, launches mini tennis balls 10, 20 or 30 feet and is great for hours of indoor or outdoor fun!

Similarly, the iFetch Too, for larger dogs, uses standard size tennis balls and launches 10, 25 and 40 feet.  It also has a “random” setting to keep your dog guessing and engaged.

The benefits of mental and physical stimulation for your dog is priceless.  These ball launchers are a great added health benefit for overweight dogs that need to increase their activity, anxious dogs that need to focus on an activity or active dogs that need to use their brain and burn off some energy.

The iFetch’s sturdy design, affordable price and 1-year warranty make this the perfect gift for your pup!

3.  PetSafe Drinkwell 306 MultiPet Stainless Steel Dog Fountain

pet water fountain

This pet water fountain can provide a whole package of benefits to your pet’s health. The movement of the water is a sound stimulation proven to cause increased water uptake. As a result, this can be extremely beneficial in a number of conditions and is especially important for cats. Cats with kidney failure, urinary crystals or urinary stones or urinary tract infections can greatly benefit from increased water intake.

As the water moves and falls through the air on its way back to the bowl…the water takes up a larger amount of oxygen than standing water does. This increase in oxygenation not only tastes good to your pet but also helps to maintain wellness in all parts of their body.

The filtering of the drinking water keeps food debris, saliva and organisms ( bacteria, virus, fungi, etc ) from building up and causing problems with your pet. Pets with dental disease can benefit from clean filtered water with low bacterial contamination. Perhaps most noteworthy, the bowl is also dishwasher safe stainless steel – so this factor further eliminates the growth of bacteria which can benefit young animals, older animals, and pets with immune deficiencies.

The easily sanitized surface of the stainless steel bowl can also eliminate or reduce unsightly acne, which may occur if porous or plastic bowls are used.  By filtering and using an activated charcoal carbon filter, your pet’s water source can stay clean and safe. The filters can help regulate water pH and mineral balance and can also remove harmful ingredients from city tap water like chlorine and fluoride.

4.  Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor

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This incredible piece of technology can be a huge benefit for your pets health as well as your health too. When you have peace of mind because you know where your pet is and you know they are safe- you can relax and focus throughout your day. No more worrying and less stress for you.

The tracker allows you to instantly locate your family member. The ability to set safe places and danger zones can keep your fur baby away from potentially harmful places like trash containers, neighbors property, livestock corrals, equine facilities, chicken coops, and roads. This smart tracker can send you text messages and updates based on a multitude of individualized settings. This item is even waterproof, so your water-loving pup can splash and swim without damage or interruption of the real-time tracking.

An additional benefit for tracking your pet is the ability to monitor the service of dog walkers and pet sitters. You can confirm that your pet is getting the exercise and supervision that you are paying for. Get accurate readings of length and time of services. Whether you are with them or not you can monitor and track their activity and fitness goals. This can help keep them at a healthy weight, can regulate heart and lung conditions and even improve some types of joint pain. As a result, this device can help keep your pet healthy and happy.

5.  K&H Pet Products Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper Heated Pet Bed

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Awh, I can already imagine my older dog loving this therapeutic bed. Recommended by many as the best heated dog bed, this heated bed can be a dream come true for pets with arthritis, hip dysplasia, joint injuries, and back pain. The improvement in circulation can modulate the production of joint fluid and promote internal joint repair. Increased circulation helps remove inflammation and lactic acid. By flushing inflammation, your pet will feel significantly less pain and discomfort. This could result in a lowered requirement for anti-inflammatories and pain medications.

The increased circulation also brings in energy and oxygen that cells need to stay healthy and strong. The safe heat source itself can relieve pain and relax muscles. This benefit is especially important for older cats, cats with kidney disease, older dogs or pets recovering from athletic activities like agility. By being snuggled and surrounded by the raised bunker of the bed, pets can feel safe and secure. By reducing vulnerability, your pet can relax completely and can experience a deeper rest. When pets feel safe, their body experiences a physical and mental reduction of stress- which optimizes body system healing and maintenance. As a nice bonus, this bed is also washable which is great for cats with asthma or allergies.

6.  Dogbed4Less Premium Head Rest Orthopedic Cooling Memory Foam Dog Bed

cooling dog bed



This cooling bed has tons of health benefits and these qualities are extremely beneficial for some giant breeds or pets with a thick furry coat. The internal parts of the bed are completely waterproof- which means easy cleaning even if your dog goes swimming. The waterproof liner prevents the bed from growing mold and mildew which can reduce asthma and allergies.

This top-of-the-line memory foam supports your dog’s body which prevents and relieves uncomfortable pressure sores, especially on elbows. The thick foam relieves joint pain and allows better circulation throughout the body of your pet. The strong mattress piece also keeps your pet’s back and spine optimally aligned. This can reduce back pain, and prevent misalignment. In this sense, this particular bed can be a great compliment to large dogs receiving chiropractic support.

The cooling nature of this bed is great for warm weather regions and dogs which tend to “run hot” such as Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and Bulldogs. The reduction of heat can keep your pet a comfortable temperature which reduces panting, pacing and restlessness. A reduction of body temperature can reduce a sweaty, humid condition against your pets skin and fur. This can prevent extreme odors and reduce the growth of yeast on your pet’s body.

Additionally, the extra thick headrest can help your pet keep his head elevated. This positioning naturally improves air flow- which is beneficial for pets with asthma, lung disease, megaesophagus, stomach problems, and even some cancers. This better support can also reduce or eliminate snoring.

7.  LEVOIT LV-H132 Air Purifier

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This modern and pet-safe air filter is exactly what you and your pet need. Indoor air pollution can be a greater health hazard than outside air at times. Chemicals and pollutants can be more concentrated towards the floor where your pets spend most of their time. Gases and particles are most often heavier than air and so they sink to the floor. Pets with allergies or asthma can greatly benefit from room air filters. By reducing allergens, mold, dander, and dust mites, you are literally making it easier for your pet to breathe. This can be a dramatic improvement for brachiocephalic breeds like bulldogs, dogs that have respiratory disorders like pneumonia, asthma, and collapsing trachea.

Pets can have allergies to all of the same items that people are allergic to. And yes, pets can be allergic to other animals and even to “human dander”. Common environmental allergens for pets are pollens, grasses, trees, flies, dust mites, and dander.

Pets with cardiovascular disorders like congestive heart failure can also greatly benefit from cleaner air. This indoor air filter uses modern technology to keep your home clean. Studies over the past 7 years have shown that pets can be negatively affected by air filters than use UV or Ion cleaning methods. While it was originally thought to sanitize the air of bacteria and viruses it has been found to also be damaging to the fragile respiratory tract of humans and all types of pets.

This is the filter you and your pet need to keep your home clean and fresh. In smaller specific areas like near litter boxes, your cats can experience less dust and debris along with less odor and dust for you too. I recommend that my clients keep two air filters in any room that contains a litter box. This way we can eliminate litters with dangerous dust, contaminants, and perfumes.

8.  SmartFeeder Automatic Pet Feeder 

automatic dog feeder



This automatic smart feeder has lots of options and plenty of ways to improve your pet’s health. This feeder automatically measures and dispenses your pet’s food in the correct portion size. No more stomach bloating, gas, or indigestion from a pet gorging themselves on too much food. Controlled portion sizes can help your pet lose weight or maintain a healthy weight.

Calorie intake is also critical in the management of diabetes. Meals and insulin amounts must be matched and monitored carefully. Controlling the timing of meals can improve digestion, blood sugar regulation, and waste elimination. Most pets need specific cycles of digestion paired with periods of stomach rest to digest optimally. If pets are allowed to eat at all times of the day, insulin and blood sugar are always high. With improved digestion cycling, the body is better balanced.

This feeder can send you alerts when your pet eats and also when food is low. By notifying you that their food is low- you can pick up a refill preventing you from running out of food or having to switch abruptly which can cause diarrhea and constipation.

The feeding bowl is made out of dishwasher-safe stainless steel. So no bacterial or oily build-ups which can cause illness and acne – especially in cats. The feeder can even take pictures of your pet eating, so you can be sure the correct pet is eating the dispensed food.

Another health benefit to using this smart feeder is that it keeps the food secure and fresh. By reducing air and element exposure to the food, mold and mildew is less likely to grow. Fat soluble vitamins, like vitamin D and E, will be less likely to degrade or become rancid. Heat, humidity and air exposure can change the nutrient availability of some foods.

The timing and routine flexibility allow you to dispense a meal while you are not at home. Therefore, you get peace of mind If you are stuck at work or school or just simply have a long day. This cool technology can keep your pet satisfied, healthy and happy.

9.  Power Pet Electronic Pet Door

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This high tech pet door opens automatically for only your pet that is wearing the programmed collar. This prevents predators or sick animals from entering your home trying to get your pet or pet’s food. This doggie door has a locking system which keeps out people, predators and strays. Keeps out squirrels, skunks, and foxes. Some of which can transmit parasites and diseases.

Furthermore, this advanced level of security also keeps out uncomfortable temperatures and drafts. This can reduce chilling of older, arthritic, and smaller pets. A significant uniqueness is that this door slides up automatically. Your pet doesn’t have to touch or swing the door. As a result, this is better for pets with vision loss or those that are sensitive on their nose. For all of these reasons, The Power Pet Electronic Pet Door rises to the top as the best pet door out there.


10.  LaserTRX Pain Relief Cold Laser Therapy Device

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Low Level Laser Therapy has become one of my favorite healing modalities. I have written a few articles to discuss how cold laser works for pets. Feel free to soak up that knowledge like a sponge, or if you prefer, follow the link to read descriptions and reviews on Amazon.


This year, I am using these best pet-tech ideas for all of the pet lovers’ gifts. Most importantly, the best part about this list is that each and every product can increase the health of your pet. So, no matter which one you pick, you can’t go wrong and I predict that your pets are going to love these perfect gifts.

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Your pet's health can improve dramatically
with individually selected whole food supplements.

Holistically treated pets live healthier happier lives.

The term “holistic” is a broad term that is often associated with multiple models of medicine or healing.  In general, Dr. Candy Akers follows the basic belief that medicine should address the underlying cause of disease and not just treat the symptoms.  This occurs by supporting your pet’s natural ability to heal and restoring the body balance.  Conventional medicine often follows a different path of just treating signs or symptoms of the particular disease appearance.

Disease manifests in our pets as a result of an internal unbalance.  These imbalances of normal health result from various insults or toxins encountered during modern life.   Support for your pets’ body can be in various modalities such as supplements, herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

Dr. Akers takes an integrated approach to veterinary medicine, combining both holistic medicine and traditionally trained modern Western medicine.  She uses conventional medical treatments to reduce or eliminate symptoms and pain during the healing process while supporting the body with more natural and less invasive alternative treatments.  This combination improves your pet’s quality of life, longevity and whole health.

Your pet's health can improve dramatically
with individually selected whole food supplements.


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