Cremation and Aftercare

When your four-legged friend passes, Journeys Mobile Veterinary Services provides transport, cremation, and return of ashes. We will ask your family about your body care wishes. We partner with Paradise Passages Pet Crematory because they are a local family owned and operated business. Our team handles your pet with respect and care every step of the way. Cost for services are dependent on the pet’s weight. We offer two types of cremation; individual and communal.

Individual Cremation:   This type of cremation provides your beloved a private cremation ensuring that only his or her ashes are returned.  We return ashes in a beautifully carved wooden urn.

Communal Cremation:    During communal cremation, pets are cremated with others and families do not get ashes returned.  Communal ashes are spread on a beautiful prairie ranch setting just east of Denver.

Burial:      Burial is often illegal in most Denver Metro counties, but our team can help advise you.  The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pet burial graves be at least four and a half to five feet deep and covered with large rocks upon refill.  Medications/drugs used during euthanasia procedure have the potential to affect other animals and plants in the environment.


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