Herbal Medicine

Holistically treated pets live healthier happier lives.

Many times, herbal therapy is one of the most fundamental systems of applying specific remedies. Wild animals instinctively use herbs to cure various illnesses and prevent disease. Also of note is the fact that many of our modern pharmaceutical drugs are synthetic derivatives of herbal active ingredients. When using this modality of medicine, Dr. Akers uses specific leaves, roots or flowers etc to stimulate balance and healing.

In addition to herb’s natural active ingredients, they often contain concentrated sources of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It is important to realize that the quality and quantity of active ingredients in an herbal product depends on :

  •  herb production company
  •  species of herb used
  •  quality of soil / substrate grown
  •  timing of harvest
  •  drying or processing technique

An in-home holistic consultation can optimize your pet's health.


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