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What is in-home pet hospice care?

Hospice is end-stage terminal disease care. Dr. Candy and her team of licensed, compassionate veterinarians keep pets comfortable, monitor quality of life and provide full coverage hospice care. This whole-body approach, which includes physical, emotional and spiritual components of health, ensures a peaceful and humane transition.

Hospice Care and Quality of Life Evaluation

Professional, licensed and experienced veterinarians perform all hospice exams and consultations. A comprehensive exam provides an objective evaluation of medical condition and quality of life. Our professionals will discuss all components of pet’s health; topics may include prognosis, quality of life, pain, and care options. This open discussion with you and your family can help determine whether to direct towards a hospice care plan or euthanasia.

Journeys Mobile Veterinary Services understands that this can be an extremely difficult decision and our team communicates with compassion and trustworthiness. Some topics discussed may include :

  • Eating and drinking behavior
  • Urination and defecation
  • Mobility
  • Rest and sleep quality
  • Activity level
  • Engagement with family/environment
  • Display of pain
  • Medications
  • Physical and emotional comfort
  • Ability of family to perform medical care
  • Stress and anxiety level
  • Family wishes and expectations

Each topic is discussed with deepest respect and compassion.

What does Journeys’ Animal Hospice Care Program include?

Beginning with an in-home exam and consultation, Dr. Candy listens to concerns and answer questions while collecting medical history and diagnosis. We perform a complete exam and get to know your pet. Journeys Mobile Veterinary Services can run blood work or other laboratory diagnostics if needed. As this information is gathered, we may ask about your treatment plan expectations. As a doctor-family team, we then discuss options in a very honest and down-to-earth manner. Together, we will customize and prescribe best options for your pet’s care.

Hospice Care Programs can include a variety of customized services to give pets the best quality of life possible. A complete plan may provide traditional and holistic choices. Dr. Akers believes and understands that a family knows their pet best, and therefore do not pressure or promote unnecessary goods or services.

Palliative care vs. hospice care

Palliative care is an approach to medical care that is very similar to hospice care. Hospice care is comfort care directed toward individuals with end-stage or terminal disease. The goal of hospice care is to keep the pet as comfortable as possible but is not expecting a cure. Palliative care is comfort care provided during any stage of an illness. Typically in veterinary medicine, this type of care is indicated in two major categories. One is a pet that is recovering from a serious injury; healing with or without surgery. The other major category is those pets facing a chronic or progressive illness; for example kidney disease. This type of palliative care often includes pain management, body system stabilization, immune system support, follow up bloodwork, medication provisions and emotional support.



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