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When it is time for your beloved pet to pass, we help make a calm and peaceful transition. In-home services allow comfort and privacy and we care for your special family member with dignity and grace. Our compassionate team is supportive, engaged, and deeply empathetic.

About the procedure:   We use a specially designed medication protocol to ensure a peaceful euthanasia. First, we administer a gentle sedative that alleviates stress and pain. Your pet sets the pace and we do not rush. This relaxation typically takes 5-15 minutes. When your pet is in a deep sleep and is ready we will update family members and begin an intravenous injection that gently assists your pet’s passing. After your pet has passed, we transport for cremation based on your family’s wishes.

Attendees: Families often ask who should be present for the euthanasia. The best answer is all family members, friends, and pets are invited and welcome. Families commonly ask about children’s presence and although the family should consider age and a child’s individual strengths, we believe that the procedure is humane and suitable for children. We encourage other family pets’ presence to reduce the chance of anxious searching behaviors. Other animals are often quite in tune with the event and relax when they sense their friend is at peace.

In addition to the euthanasia procedure, we streamline the process and provide transport, cremation, and memorial options. Simply give us a call and we take care of everything for your pet and family.




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