Laser Therapy for Pets: 12 Common Pet Health Conditions That Can Benefit from Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy For Pets: 12 Common Pet Health Conditions That Can Benefit From Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy for Pets: 12 Common Pet Health Conditions that Can Benefit from Low-Level Laser Therapy

1. Osteoarthritis

Cold laser therapy for pets can help their body repair internal joint tissues such as cartilage. Healing those tissues decreases the progression of joint damage and significantly reduces pain.

2.  Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD)

Back injuries in our pets can lead to permanent damage such as paralysis and weakness. Laser therapy helps remove deep inflammation around the spinal cord.

3.  Lick Granulomas

Lick granulomas often have an element of OCD and self-soothing. Low-level laser therapy can reduce awkward time in a cone or irritating bandages.

4.  Cellulitis

General swelling between cells can be extremely painful to the point where your pet doesn’t want to be touched. If manual massage is too painful, the low-level laser can reduce swelling and promote lymph flow.

5.  Surgical Wound Healing

Surgical incisions range from a simply spay or neuter to joint replacement or amputation. Lasers can reduce pain, speed healing and prevent secondary infections.

6.  Traumatic Wound Healing

Traumatic injuries like a pet hit by a car or an animal fight can involve a lot of bruising and soft tissue injury that cannot be visualized on the outside.

7.  Reducing Formation of Scar Tissue (topically but also in tendons)

The energy supplied from a low-level therapeutic laser can bring in stem cells which regenerate tissue leading to less scar tissue and a faster recovery.

8. Improve Nerve Function and Regeneration

Degenerative myelopathy is one common genetic condition that is extremely difficult to treat. The therapeutic laser can help stabilize or slow down this internal destruction of nerves.

9.  Ear Infections

Ear infections can become chronic and can quickly become resistant to antibiotics. Skip the powerful and risky antibiotics by incorporating low-level laser therapy.

10.  Ruptured Anal Glands

Ruptured anal glands are smelly and painful. Families want this soft tissue injury cleaned up fast.

11. Demodex Mites / Mange

Cold laser therapy can speed up healing, fight secondary bacterial infections and soothe the skin.

12. Exertion After Athletic Performance

Agility athletes, working dogs, dock diving and hunting are just a few examples of a situation where our loyal companions over-exert themselves. Relieve pain and speed up the return to peak performance with low-level laser therapy.

We see the best results when families take a multiangle approach healing the body of these common health conditions. Just like humans, dogs are all unique and will respond to different products.

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The term “holistic” is a broad term that is often associated with multiple models of medicine or healing.  In general, Dr. Candy Akers follows the basic belief that medicine should address the underlying cause of disease and not just treat the symptoms.  This occurs by supporting your pet’s natural ability to heal and restoring the body balance.  Conventional medicine often follows a different path of just treating signs or symptoms of the particular disease appearance.

Disease manifests in our pets as a result of an internal unbalance.  These imbalances of normal health result from various insults or toxins encountered during modern life.   Support for your pets’ body can be in various modalities such as supplements, herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

Dr. Akers takes an integrated approach to veterinary medicine, combining both holistic medicine and traditionally trained modern Western medicine.  She uses conventional medical treatments to reduce or eliminate symptoms and pain during the healing process while supporting the body with more natural and less invasive alternative treatments.  This combination improves your pet’s quality of life, longevity and whole health.


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