Best Supplements for Mobility & Joint Support in Dachshunds, Brussel Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

Best Supplements for Mobility & Joint Support in Dachshunds, Brussel Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

Best Supplements for Mobility & Joint Support in Dachshunds, Brussel Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

Dr. Candy and her dachshund, Sully

When evaluating the need for joint, muscle, and mobility support in small breed dogs, it is important to understand how they differ from large breed dogs and other pets. Small breed dogs navigate the same terrain as humans and other pets. They use strong core muscles and speed to tackle obstacles in their world. This results in fast directional changes and dense, high-impact landings. I smile looking back on my 12lb miniature dachshund, Sully, climbing mountains in Colorado, right alongside my German Shepherd and myself. Step by step, we cover the same distance.

My clients often ask about the best mobility & joint supplements for their small breed dog. The examples above are why my recommendations are slightly different for small breed dogs versus my recommendations for large breed dogs. Each case and pet is different, but if I had to list my top 5, they would certainly include bone broth, whole food supplements, CBD oil, spirulina, and medicinal mushrooms. Below, I will highlight each one and discuss my personal experience on which products work the best for you, as a loving pet parent, and provide the best support for your tough little friend.

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1.  Bone Broth for Mobility and Joint Support for Dachshunds, Brussels Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

The first supportive supplement that I would recommend for mobility and joint protection in small breed dogs is Bone Broth. As a holistic veterinarian, I recommend that pet parents add a small amount of bone broth liquid to every meal. The benefits of this “magic” liquid include:

  • Combats dehydration
  • Flushes inflammation
  • Purifies kidneys & liver
  • Relieves pain by removing lactic acid
  • Easily absorbable vitamins & minerals
  • Collagen to maintain back flexibility
  • Replenishes electrolytes
  • Provides connective tissue proteins
  • Prevents/treats muscle cramping
  • Balances pH
  • Maintains muscle elasticity
  • Easier digestion

In addition to all of these physical and health benefits, dogs think a good quality bone broth is delicious and will be thrilled to get this yummy healing potion from you. Products are often changing, but here are the two that I see the best results with: Nature’s Logic Dehydrated Bone Broth and Native Pet Organic Bone Broth.

To learn more about bone broth and get an easy recipe, click here.

2.  Standard Process Musculoskeletal Support for Dachshunds, Brussels Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

The next item that I commonly recommend for mobility support in small breed dogs is Standard Process Canine Musculoskeletal Support. Many holistic and integrative veterinarians recommend this all-natural product. It is made solely from whole foods and is typically only available from healthcare practitioners. [More on that later]

This supplement has impressed me and my clients time after time. The improvements seen with this supplement far surpass any expensive glucosamine and chondroitin product. It’s better than fish oils and omegas and beats any synthetic on the market. The key to dramatic results is the “whole food” based approach. We use vitamins, minerals, and proteins exactly how nature supplies them. This means that each vitamin complex component is present – and in the ratios and amounts that your dog’s body is designed to use.

Standard Process Canine Musculoskeletal Support comes in a powder packed with organ meats, herbs, and super foods. Also, because this supplement is made with these yummy, natural foods, pets find it highly palatable. Even picky pets enjoy it sprinkled on their food. Most families see impressive improvements within 2-4 weeks.

To get this supplement, all you have to do is fill out a short online form that gives me some information about your pet and then I can ship it right to your door (US only).

Click here to learn detailed info about ingredients and how we use this supplement for various healing cases.

3.  CBD Oil for Mobility and Joint Support in Dachshunds, Brussels Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

The third addition that I recommend for improving mobility and joint health in small breed dogs is CBD. CBD stands for Cannabidiol and is a collection of naturally occurring substances found in the hemp plant. Research shows that these hemp extracts decrease inflammation, pain, and anxiety. These actions are extremely well matched for small breed dog therapy.

There are hundreds of CBD products on the market right now. The best results are seen with a product made from organically grown industrial hemp, gently extracted and purified and one that includes full plant extract. This means that there will be a small amount of THC present – less than 0.3%. In my experience, there is a much more significant therapeutic value when this minor compound is present.

You can by my favorite brand online and have it shipped to you here.

4.  Spirulina for Mobility and Joint Support in Dachshunds, Brussels Griffons and Other Small Breed Dogs

My fourth commonly recommended supplement for mobility and joint health in small breed dogs is Spirulina. This healthy supplement is also great for dogs that eat grass or dirt. Spirulina is an algae-like organism and looks like a dark green powder or tablet. Spirulina is packed with protein and essential minerals. Also, it is a very strong antioxidant to help reduce joint swelling and pain. Start with small doses and pick a reputable and third party tested brand.

5.  Mushroom Supplements for Mobility and Joint Support in Small Breed Dogs

Many cultures have been using the healing properties of medicinal mushrooms for thousands of years. In studies, these mushroom species have proven to provide many therapeutic benefits. Some benefits of medicinal mushrooms include:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Cancer

I’ve done quite a bit of research to select the best mushroom types for a particular benefit to my own pets. For joint support and arthritis, I recommend these blends: Bixbi Hips and Joint and Canine Matrix Joint Health.

All over the world, small dogs bring us BIG friendship and companionship. They make us laugh and smile, happily standing by our side during life’s adventures. It’s easy to support their joints in a natural way. This list of my top five recommendations can be the next step in their journey to health and happiness.

Take a moment to share this article with your family and friends. Also if you need a complete holistic nutrition plan to manage your pet’s mobility and joint pain on a daily basis, head on over to our online nutritional consultations. This is one of the most common issues I deal with on a daily basis and I know how to help your pet using holistic medicine and appropriately selected food.

Sending you all peace,

~ Dr. Candy

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The term “holistic” is a broad term that is often associated with multiple models of medicine or healing.  In general, Dr. Candy Akers follows the basic belief that medicine should address the underlying cause of disease and not just treat the symptoms.  This occurs by supporting your pet’s natural ability to heal and restoring the body balance.  Conventional medicine often follows a different path of just treating signs or symptoms of the particular disease appearance.

Disease manifests in our pets as a result of an internal unbalance.  These imbalances of normal health result from various insults or toxins encountered during modern life.   Support for your pets’ body can be in various modalities such as supplements, herbs, nutrition, homeopathy, detoxification, chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture.

Dr. Akers takes an integrated approach to veterinary medicine, combining both holistic medicine and traditionally trained modern Western medicine.  She uses conventional medical treatments to reduce or eliminate symptoms and pain during the healing process while supporting the body with more natural and less invasive alternative treatments.  This combination improves your pet’s quality of life, longevity and whole health.


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