Dr. Candy Offers
Two Types Of
Nutritional Consultations

Basic Wellness
Nutritional Consultation


Basic Wellness Nutritional Consultations are best suited for healthy pets, mild illnesses, or acute issues. The Basic Consult includes a limited 12 questions about your pet. Status questions evaluate diet, anxiety, mobility, simple illnesses, and key allergens. This level usually results in 1-2 pages of recommendations and includes one follow up email.

If your pet’s health status would be better addressed in a comprehensive consultation, we may direct you towards that service.


Comprehensive Holistic Nutritional Consultation


Comprehensive Holistic Nutritional Consultations are better suited for chronic issues ( ie. more than 6 months), multisystemic disorders, older pets, severe illness or entirely holistically minded pet families. The Comprehensive Consultation can include a second opinion evaluation of your pet’s medical notes, vaccine records, and diagnostic laboratory results. This service assesses hormone balance, body condition, auto-immune reactions, allergies, and complete digestive health. The Comprehensive tier includes 47 questions and typically results in 7-9 pages of individualized recommendations and includes 1 email and an additional follow up email in 30 days.

Holistically treated pets live healthier happier lives.


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