Can Dogs and Cats Benefit from Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Can Dogs and Cats Benefit from Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Dogs and Cats Can Benefit from Himalayan Salt Lamps 

About a year ago, I started seeing posts and articles warning pet owners about the terrible “dangers” of having a Himalayan salt lamp around cats. It was catchy, entertaining and very shareable online. The article cited a veterinarian who treated a cat in the emergency room after it consumed a large chunk of a salt lamp. 

Well this consumption would be unhealthy if an adult human ate it too. Not to mention if someone’s child ate it – bu

t that wouldn’t go viral. If there was truth to this frightening title then we would have to lock all the salt and spices in a childproof location. And don’t go near the ocean, gasp! 

In reality this viral campaign was just an entertaining scare tactic. Also, in reality, Himal

ayan salt lamps can actually be beneficial for your whole family. Halotherapy, the practice of salt therapy, has been used by ancient civilizations for centuries. Today we will be learning about how salt lamps work and how they can help your pets. At the end, I will briefly go over what to look for when purchasing a Himalayan salt lamp so that you can safely bring all of these benefits into your home. 

Tip – If you just want to buy the best Himalayan salt lamp for your pet, see Dr. Candy’s recommendations HERE.  


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1.  Catches Airborne Allergens

Dry salt pieces attract moisture from the air. Molecules of water gather allergens and particles, which can be bacteria, viruses and mold spores, that are floating around in the air. So, the salt lamp essentially pulls these materials out of the room which improves air quality in the room containing the salt lamp. This characteristic is especially beneficial in the following situations:  

  • Carpet 
  • Ventilation systems with a blower 
  • High indoor humidity like basements or rooms with fish tanks 
  • Multiple pets 

2.  Negative Ions

It is said that one way Himalayan salt lamps benefit your pet’s health is the release and dispersion of negative ions. These negative ions also “catch” allergens and debris and could possibly neutralize some toxins – like the remnants of harsh cleaning chemicals (bleach, ammonia). In addition to chemicals, positive ions are are constantly created by electronic devices like computers, tvs, microwaves and vacuum cleanersNegative ions are naturally found in areas like waterfalls and ocean shores. Negative ions increase the blood and brain’s oxygenation and can help with the following pet health conditions: 

  • Allergies 
  • Asthma  
  • Older pets 
  • Any incidence of seizures 
  • Pets with dementia 
  • Pets that sleep all the time 

3.  Effect of Low, Warm Light

The color of most salt lamps is a warm pink tone.  Dim lights can be relaxing for you and your pet. Cats especially prefer to relax in areas that are less bright in the evening.  Some studies have documented a reduction of depression and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). In 2014, research on halotherapy showed a triggering of anti-inflammatory and antiallergic pathways in human patients with asthma or chronic bronchitis. Other studies have resulted in improved lung function. 

Even when we just think about how in tune our pets are with us, we could conclude that many things that relax and please us, could also be beneficial for our pets. Dogs and cats can sense how we are feeling and when we relax, our pets are free to relax. 

When choosing a salt lamp follow these quick tips: 

  • Darker color = higher quality 
  • 100% himalayan salts 
  • Larger is better than smaller – 6+ lbs
  • Rough natural surface (not smooth and polished) 
  • No LED light bulbs (no high heat) 

I have Himalayan salt lamps as well as many of my clients and no one has ever had any negative experience with their pets. The next question that I ponder is . . . why would a cat seek to ingest large amounts of salt with minerals? Maybe they are on a poor-quality diet and have vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Instead of throwing away a beautiful salt lamp, we can improve nutrition and heal your pet’s body with food. 

With all of the physical and mental benefits mentioned here, you may be excited to buy a healthy Himalayan salt lamp. Everytime a client asks “ Are Himalayan salt lamps bad for cats?”. We discuss the benefits and then they ask me which lamp they should buy. It kind of depends on your pets and their health goals, but I have gathered a few that are safe to use. I have reviewed these products, for a variety of factors including safety and effectiveness, to improve the health of your entire family.  

It is important to supervise pets around salt lamps – because yes…licking or chewing on a large amount of salt can make pets sick. However, ingesting a massive quantity of salt can also make YOU sick…or your kids…or your hamster.  

Rather than using fake news and scare tactics to drive terror and panic…lets spread Love and Peace! Below you will find my selection guide and recommendations for heathy, happy pets. 

Sending you Love and Peace, 

~ Dr. Candy 

Dr. Candy’s Salt Lamp Picks for Dogs and Cats


Levoit Aria Himalayan Salt Lamp

The large rough surface with lots of nooks and cranies to trap allergens.


Hazantree Coral Pink ZenBlock Himalayan Salt Lamp

Great for humid environments and asthma conditions due to its large surface area and strong moisture pull.


Levoit Viéra Himalayan Salt Lamp

Sturdy shape produces warm calming light and is dimmable.


Pure Enrichment PureGlow Himalayan Salt Lamp & Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Great airflow helps neutralize ions from computers and protects eyes and lungs.


Syntus 2 Pack Himalayan Salt Lamp Natural Crystal Salt Light Glow Hand Carved Night Lights Wall light

Purification of air around a litter box can reduce asthma and allergies due to dust, also removes box odor.

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