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Vaccines are designed to stimulate your pet’s immune system in order to provide protection against common diseases. They are especially important for puppies to prevent infection from deadly and contagious disease. However, the immune system can be over stimulated and may lead to chronic auto-immune disorders.  Auto-immunity means that the pet’s defense system attacks its own cells or tissues. This causes internal damage to the pet as the body destroys normal healthy tissue that it views as foreign invaders.

When vaccines may be dangerous:

  • Vaccination of pets with multiple vaccines at one time.
  • Vaccination at time of surgery.
  • Vaccination given during times of stress or illness.
  • Vaccines administered to a weak or compromised state of immune system.

( Such as very young or geriatric pets. )


Commonly reported short term side effects from vaccine administration:swollen face

Diarrhea, vomiting, fever, lethargy, swelling of the face and nose, local irritation and pain, loss of hair in local area, anaphylactic shock and death.


Possible diseases that may be linked to or triggered by over stimulation of the immune system :

Masticatory Myositis ( MMM )







Neurological Disorders (such as seizures)


Evidence of long duration of protection :

In addition to the possible long term consequences of vaccines, many studies have been conducted that prove protection against the targeted disease is significantly longer than the 1 or 3 year conventional protocol. Many vaccines produce protection that lasts 5, 7 or even 10 years of protection.


Vaccine titers :

Vaccine titers are laboratory analyzed measurements of a pet’s current immunity protection. Vaccine titer tests reveal the number of antibodies that a pet has already produced in response to a previous vaccine. Antibodies are immune system structures that identify and latch on to the specifically matched invader such as a virus or bacteria. When this invader is detected, the pets body “calls out the troops” so to speak.  The immune system rallies to destroy/remove the threat. If this attack is targeted towards the pet’s own tissue, varying degrees of damage may occur. This inappropriate attack is called an auto-immune response.


Rabies vaccine exemption :

Colorado is one of a few states in the country that will allow a legal vaccine exemption. When permitable, Dr. Candy Akers is prepared to issue a rabies vaccine exemption certificate.  She will be able to examine, ask questions about vaccine history and discuss vaccine risks vs. benefits. Rabies vaccination is required by federal and local laws.  During specific conditions, such as previous vaccine allergy, she can help create a legal document stating the medical and professional need for an exemption from rabies vaccination.  The document is provided for one specific animal. Within the document, the pet guardian must also read and acknowledge the risk of declining vaccination.  This includes liability for protection for all humans and animals.  The document lists the mandatory isolation protocol for a human bite incident or a potential exposure incident. Call us today if you have questions about a rabies vaccine exemption for your pet.



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